Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) is an international association of artist residencies.

ACA supports the people who power the field- administrators, artists, culture bearers, creatives, volunteers, neighbors and community - of artist residencies, organizations and programs that provide time, space and resources for artists to advance their creative practice. Artist residencies and artists are at the center of our work. 

Community - ACA builds connections among people who work in the artist residency field and the arts sector at-large through programming, convenings, and our membership program.

Learning - ACA promotes knowledge-sharing and exchange through research, evaluation, and information.

Grantmaking - ACA administers funds to individual artists and artist residency programs in partnership with foundations and arts agencies. 

Advocacy - ACA facilitates research to champion the issues most relevant to the artist residency field.

The Rhode Island Foundation is employing the Alliance of Artists Communities, an independent international association, to manage applications and the jury process for The Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowships. 

The Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowship Fund, established at the Rhode Island Foundation in 2003, provides up to three $30,000 artist fellowships each year, rotating among composers, writers, and visual artists on a three-year cycle. 

The 2024 MacColl Johnson Fellowships will be awarded to emerging and mid-career writers in Rhode Island.

Applicants should review and understand the guidelines before starting the application. For more information, please visit the guideline page on ACA's website

Artist Communities Alliance